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10pcslot The Japanese type EC11 encoder switch 30 15 pulse threaded 22mm axis

Price: 29.98 USD

5pcslot WXD3-13-2W precision multi turn potentiometer 5.6K

Price: 14.98 USD

50pcslot Japan SRE-1211ST hollow shaft encoder chip 12 posioning

Price: 43.98 USD

100 meterslot 0.07X147 shares Liz line mul strand polyester envelope cotton sold by the meter

Price: 31.98 USD

5pcslot TDA2030TDA2030ALM1875TLM675 power amplifier PCB (PCB empty board)

Price: 7.98 USD

Supply 1407 passive piezoelectric buzzer

Price: 15.98 USD

50pcslot Free shipping Ceramic gas discharge tube SL1021A600R 600V 3R600 8X10

Price: 27.5 USD

the light sensor light sensor 0-20 000 light sensor

Price: 18.68 USD

With interface waterproof PE sensor shell, SHT10, SHT20, SHT30, temperature and humidity protection cover, KL12-40 ash

Price: 16.98 USD

5pcslot Temperature and humidity sensor protection sleeve SHT11 SHT20 SHT10 copper particle sintering

Price: 18.18 USD

16MM direct channel ultrasonic sensor transceiver probe Split 21KHz

Price: 55.98 USD

20pcslot EC11 encoder with a switch 30 posioning a number of 15 pulse shaft length 14mm large serrated shaft

Price: 29.98 USD

Japan encoder with switch dual axis 52 posioning

Price: 28.98 USD

10pcslot ISD1820P recording module empty plate with sound amplifier adapter plate loop Megaphone

Price: 14.98 USD

20pcslot 16MM sliding potenometer dual B100K shaft long 10MM with a small point of the mid point direct slide potenometer

Price: 19.98 USD